Essay about The Day That I Called Home From A Family

Essay about The Day That I Called Home From A Family

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mber the day that I called home from a payphone. I had moved to Virginia from West Virginia at the end of October after living with and taking care of my mom who had terminal lung cancer. I had not heard from my mom in a few days because our roommate had disconnected the phone without notice since he had moved out. My now husband, Brandon, was on a detachment to Key West, Flordia and my only companion was my puppy Romeo. It was dusk when I finally called family and my Aunt Sally picked up. She gave me the most heart shattering news; it was time. I had to come home as soon as possible, my mom had maybe days left to live. I was shocked, terrified, saddened, and devastated.
Driving was not an option, my car was the least reliable vehicle out there. A bus would take to long and I had a dog. It was decided that they would buy me a ticket and I would fly out the very next morning. I had to leave my dog in one room with a bunch of water and food to last him two days until Brandon came back to get him and make his way to West Virginia. I packed quickly and had to be out of the house by three a.m. to catch my flight to West Virginia to be there with my mom. I could not sleep, eat, or think of anything other than what I was going home for. This was something that we had been expecting for some time, but it did not make it any easier. What was I going to see when I got there? How would my sister be? Where would I stay? Would Romeo be okay? What would I do without her?
Early the next morning I boarded a plane for the first time ever. I was scared of flying, but more afraid of not getting a chance to say goodbye. It was a bumpy ride full of turbulence that triggered gasps and small screams from many on board the plane. When we arrived even ...

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...ter was mad but also would not help with the decision, my grandmother was also angry and in denial that my mom was at the end; but I did what was best for her and what I thought she wanted.
Throughout the evening we watched for the signs that the doctor said would show that she was nearing the end. At about 10 p.m., I noticed that her breathing was getting very shallow and knew that it was close. My sister was outside so I sent my aunt to get her. Once she got back it was only minutes before she took her last breath. I can still see the final rises and falls of her chest with my sister on one side and me on another, just us three in the room. It was how she wanted it because minutes later my aunt walked in but she had already passed. This day still remains one of the hardest days I have ever had to live through, and I hope that nothing else will ever compare to it.

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