The Day Pearl Harbor Was Attacked By The Japanese Army Essay

The Day Pearl Harbor Was Attacked By The Japanese Army Essay

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Some might remember what happened on December 7, 1941 it was the day Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese army. Roosevelt who was president during World War II knew, about the possibility of an attack on Pearl Harbor, but he did nothing to prevent it. Instead he provoked the Japanese army to attack first so the U.S could join the war against them, Germany, and Italy. Pearl Harbor sustained a lot of damage such as eighteen vessels sunk or heavily damaged ,many planes destroyed , and over 2,000 service men killed do to FDR’s plan idea to go to war against Germany. Roosevelt 's plan was to let Japan attack first so the U.S could join the war the proof is Tyler Kent a code clerk, sanctions put on Japan, secret shipment of medical supplies, Japanese codes days before the attack, McCollum memo, and join the war against Germany.
In 1940, a man by the of Tyler Kent, who worked for the U.S embassy in London as a code clerk who dealt with cracking and deciphering the Japanese codes. He found a secret conversation between Roosevelt and Churchill, which stated Roosevelt wanted to go to war, which was different then what Roosevelt told the American people. Tyler tried to alert the American people, but was caught leaving the embassy with all the proof he had to convince. He was later put on trial in a British court which found him guilty of treason ;Tyler was sentenced to jail until the end of the World War II.
Before World War II the U.S put sanctions on Japan banning all of their imports into America this heavily affecting the Japanese economy and completely diminishing the relationship with Japan. When Panama Canal was taken away from Japan it completely stopped any shipments through that part of the ocean, since it was a very vital p...

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...urfaced which was now declassified to let the public know most of what really happened during those months before Pearl Harbor was attacked. FDR wanted to go war against Germany, but could not without having another nation attack first to not make it seem as if FDR was at fault. Roosevelt came up with a series of plans to anger the Japanese so they could attack first forcing the U.S to join World War II. It included the embargo and sanctions put on Japan to hurt their economy, and closing the Panama Canal to its use. The large shipment of medical supplies with a crew waiting until Pearl Harbor was attacked , and no decoding machines sent to Pearl Harbor to decode any Japanese codes. It should have never being the plan to wait for the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor to join World War II even though he did promise not to physically declare war unless U.S was attacked.

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