The Day Of The Thanksgiving Day Essay

The Day Of The Thanksgiving Day Essay

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My dad grew up in a very strict Catholic home. Mass on Sundays, the sign of the cross at every meal- my grandparents even have a series of numbers and letters in chalk above different doors in their house that signify religious meanings unknown to me. Tradition was important not only for their religion, but for their family dynamic. As a kid, the time of year that I most looked forward to was the month between Thanksgiving Day to Christmas Day.
The home I was raised in was a mix of my parent’s upbringing. My dad had family traditions for everything, and my mom’s family went to Texas Roadhouse on Christmas Eve, followed by midnight mass at Immaculate Conception. The customs I’m going to focus on will be traditions passed down through my dad’s side of the family.
Thanksgiving Day. Until I was fourteen years old, we’d drive to my mom’s parents house for Thanksgiving lunch. We’d always be in charge of bringing dessert, which meant that me and my mom would wake up early that morning and make up fun recipes in the kitchen. Our most famous creation: chocolate pecan fudge icing hardened over a chocolate chip cake. We were brilliant and unstoppable and always the hit of the dessert section. While our cake was in the oven, my dad would make me and my sisters get dressed in our outfits, and the three of us would drive to the nearest CVS to pick up the Black Friday papers for us to study once we got to my grandparents house. When we arrived at my grandma’s, the kids would go out in the front yard with my grandpa and all of my uncles, and we’d play a giant game of baseball while my grandma and aunts finalized things for lunch. This time was always so nice to spend with my moms family, mostly because my only girl cousin, Courtney, was on thi...

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...mily has taught me to appreciate long standing rituals, and recognize the care and importance in the things we do. Even something as simple as reading the story on the birth of Jesus is something that puts the holiday into its correct perspective, and gives a central focus to the fun parts of the gifts and lights and christmas movies. Because religion is such a deep foundation for my grandparents, and now my own family, Thanksgiving and Christmas is a time that really reflects on the blessings that come from being a part of the Williams family. I believe that this is the main function that our holiday traditions serve as- a reminder of what the most important things in life are- family, love, and our faith. Everything this paper is written on, are things I’m excited to intertwine into my own family life and hopefully remain long standing rituals in the years to come.

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