The Day Of The Recess Going Down The Slide Essay

The Day Of The Recess Going Down The Slide Essay

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“One of the things that they come up on their own that we don’t teach them is playing tag,” Ms. Dana explained, thinking about how her students play when they are outdoors. Outdoors, the students are not allowed to bring out toys to play with, so they have to create their own games by running or climbing. This means a majority of the students spend their recess going down the slides or chasing each other. I noticed rather quickly that each child played exactly how they felt like playing that day. So if one child wanted to spend all of the recess going down the slide, they would do just that. If there were other children doing the same things, they would interact. Otherwise, they seemed perfectly content to continue on their own.
A great example of this was could be seen in the constant games of tag. I learned to watch where I was walking rather quickly to avoid bumping into children who were underfoot. It didn’t matter who was friends with who, if someone ran up to you and yelled “Tag!” you were it. This is something I experienced frequently. Tag, as well as other games played outside, were very often mixed gender games due to the slight limitations in how the children could play.
Gender was one of the main differences between recess outside and active learning inside. Indoors, students have different restrictions on their activities. There are stations set up around the room with different toys to play with and only a certain number of students are allowed to be in an area at once. Stations include activities such as blocks, magnetic tiles, dolls, play dough, and others. Ms. Linda explained that they try to cycle through different stations to give children new things to play with and encourage them to explore new ...

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...mple of a Floater. She’ll play cars with Will. She’ll play with the playdough at the sensory table with Maggie, Lexie, and Nya. She even makes friends with the occasional toddler who happens to be on the playground during their recess time. I mentioned my observation of her playing habits to Ms. Susan and she laughed saying it amazed her that Olivia seemed to have a new best friend every day.
I went into the field looking for friend groups in preschool. Yet, I’m very glad that the tightest friend groups consist of only a percentage of the class. It seems too early to have the well-established cliques often seen in Hollywood movies. The fact that the majority of the class is content to play with whoever is around shows how open we all start school. It is only after years of learning from others that we begin to develop preferences for friends and activities.

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