Essay about The Day Of The Inauguration Of A Great Revolution

Essay about The Day Of The Inauguration Of A Great Revolution

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On January 16, 2006, the day of the inauguration of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Africa’s first freely elected female president, I was in a CNN Studio in Atlanta speaking to Jim Clancy and Zain Verjee and letting the rest of the world know that my country was on the verge of a great revolution that would be the model for post conflict economic development. Many Liberians believed then that the old habits that kept Liberia down, including nepotism, corruption and cronyism would be drastically reduced and we would see the benefits of having a Harvard educated international civil servant with the vision and the world view to integrate Liberia into global commerce. I believe then and as I do now, that only a sufficiently globalized Liberian economy would produce significant progress in socioeconomic development. Many of us dreamt that our country would right most of the historical wrongs that had conspired to keep Liberians poor. I dreamt that the basic rule of law and access to justice would be improved so much so that it would encourage business relations and produce an economic architecture with a strong financial system, which would reduce barriers to entry such as access to finance and improve domestic capital formation. I certainly believed that Liberian economic empowerment would be the hallmark of public policies that would seek to right the historical economic injustice of foreign domination of commerce and industry in Liberia. I was hopeful that policy makers would devise strategies to ensure that Liberians would at least minimally, in a decade be able to feed ourselves, and we would develop a viable agriculture economy based upon agro processing of a multitude of exportable products instead of being a one crop (rubber) country. I...

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...fs, reduction in government revenues and creating conditions for chaos in some communities such as Putu and Yekepa. There has not been any government program of note that the administration can point to and declare how it has impacted employment numbers, reduced the number of people living under a dollar or day or decreased the large group of informality in the economy. With limited support to agriculture, far below the ten percent of budgetary allocation as required by the Maputo Declaration, Liberia has not increased output to reduce food insecurity. More than 40 percent of Liberians are food insecure, malnourished, stunted or wasted according to our own Ministry of Agriculture. In some counties, such as the President’s own home in Bomi County, more than 70 percent of people are food insecure, according to the Comprehensive Food and Nutrition Survey (CFNS of 2013).

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