The Day Of The Front Window Essay

The Day Of The Front Window Essay

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Primarily, the sailboat the kids see at the front window is a symbol, for it represents money and worth. The priced item itself is hundreds of dollars which are the same amount for a person to live on financially. This sailboat being worth the same amount as a person shows how money can pay for someone’s life but it is being spent elsewhere. The sailboats worth is spoken, “We all start reciting the price tag like we in assembly. ‘Handcrafted sailboat of fiberglass at one thousand on hundred ninety-five dollars’” (Bambara 116). In society, people are being brought up by money it takes a lot to get by so money is assent to have which makes this costly item ridiculous. With that is mind, this sailboat like many other overpriced materials is chosen over people. The reaction the children have to this price is a muttered disbelief because they live unfortunate lives. This sailboat for them truly withholds this vital pay for them to have an equal opportunity to live a good life. It also discussed the possibilities of what that kind of things that can be bought with that amount of money. Money being spent this way helps provide happiness because the discussion of what they can do with a lot of money is based on necessities, not wants the children to have. Because, if they have what they need they know they will be happier. With that in mind, the sailboat may be just be a sailboat to the rich, but is not just a sailboat to Sylvia or her friends. The main characters as well influence the truth to the meaning of this lesson given by Miss. Moore.
The characters Miss Moore and Sylvia, are separate but important people as they have influence on the lesson and its impact. Their relationship has Miss Moore reveal the lesson and Sylvia is the c...

... middle of paper ...

...onstrated well to how she walked into this but is also more impactful knowing she never forgot it. Sylvia’s bitter beginning reveals what the impact Miss Moore had even when she walked away. By admitting it what is seen for Sylvia is the bigger picture between what she thought she signed up for when she went and what was really gained. Sylvia’s admitting her story between the conflicts with herself is the story with another a lesson.
Miss Moore’s lesson being majorly important she brings an impact towards the children. They learn about the lesson about society’s worth towards items and people. Likewise, it also gathered that happiness can also not be reached without the equal chance of having money which is shown through symbolism, characters, and conflict. Overall, Sylvia thoughts and opinions are given a run for her money even though she may not have any money.

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