The Day Of The Crimson Knight Essay

The Day Of The Crimson Knight Essay

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I 'm sharpening my sword, getting it as fine as I possibly could. I polished my armor the night before, so it looks exceptionally platinum. Today 's the day of the Crimson Knight, a yearly festival to celebrate the hero of our land. He 's the defender of the land for us humans, we don 't worship him as a god but he 's really important to our hearts. This year is a particularly special year, being that the last Crimson Knight passed away four months ago. We held a mourning and it was decided quickly that we had to alert the outsiders of the city, that a new tournament was to be held. This means that me and my twin brother Taylor have a chance to realize our fathers dreams and become the new hero by entering the tournament.
Father has been training us since we were both able to hold a sword, but honestly I can 't tell you who 's the better between us three. We would train every day after his work, but he was injured and not as good as he used to be. He 's a retired war veteran, and a true hero in me and my brothers eyes. He 's put his all into training us, and it 's gotten to the point where we 're able to keep up and occasionally exceed him.
My brother comes in.
"Tai, sharpening your toothpick I see."
"Hey save the bad talk for the tournament, you wouldn 't want this toothpick in your teeth"
He smiles and gives off a little chuckle.
"I have some new tricks up my sleeve, so you better watch out" he says, nudging at my sides. I laugh, he knows I can 't handle that.
People often tell us that we look the exactly the same, besides the fact that he his face is more stern appearing than mine. We both have long black hair, and green eyes. I 'm special, because one of mine is a more yellow shade of green, but he says it looks like puke....

... middle of paper ...!"
He smiled, "I 'll meet you there don 't worry, and I 'll be handing your sword back to you after the match. Or maybe I 'll keep it?"
"Alright, winner keeps the losers sword. Deal?" I proposed.
"Deal." We knew there was a lot more on the line than our expensive swords.
It was time for me to go against another outsider, while my brother was going against one of his personal best friends. I could only imagine how he 's feeling.
I face my opponent, he 's tall and lanky, long hair just like me. "Good luck, and don 't hold back because I 'm not." He says.
I hold my hand out, "You too man, may the best fighter prevail."
He shakes my hand.


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