Essay about The Day Of Science Class

Essay about The Day Of Science Class

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Casy is a very quiet year 8 students and he recently moved from Fuji. When he enters the room, after he place everything endlessly in his locker. Then he would sit at the back or in a corner or sit where nobody likes to sit. He is dependable all alone. He didn’t interact with people much and he demonstrates no enthusiasm for learning. Therefore did ineffectively in any learning areas and come toward the end of the class.
One day in science class, we provided the class motorcar kits to put it together. As expected, Casy requests to work without a partner and gaze at the kits when other students were working on it. As I stroll around the class to assist students, I inquired Casy regarding whether he needs any supporting to begin the task. “I 'm thinking” he replies. After 30mins, I decided to approach him again as I believe it is important for me to cater the different need for all students. So that they can feel capable and successful rather than let students struggle to work.
As I suppose I should be more persistent in convincing Casy that he requires assistance and he could finally agree. In the meantime I worried that he could become more resistant. When I drew closer to Casy, on his table was a complete model of the Motorcar waited for me with a bright smile on his face. I was noticing that other students were only half way done.
Casy is a very unique and talented student, which we (me and the school) have knowledge of, as there was no report on his educational background. I believe that by knowing students and helping them to discover their identity, together we can develop their potential and help them grow. However, I failed and I neglected to become more acquainted with Casy and supporting him in his education journal.

... middle of paper ... different levels and nourishes each other to enriched knowledge and building confidence to teach.

I realize that if the teaching method in-cooperate, Student learning would advance. However, I would have limited time to cover content on the exam. As a reason, I am reducing the content covered on the exam, which allows me to focus on specific learning object. This also means students are having sufficient time to adopt the method, have lots of practice and better-prepared students for challenging questions. I only reduce some contents with small growth required according to the students’ diagnostic results. According to Wenglinsky, H. (2000a), Students performed at a higher level if their teacher received professional development are amenable to change. However, to adjust the change, it 's all come down to know the students and how they learning are important.

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