Essay about The Day Of School Is The Most Important Day For The Student And Teacher

Essay about The Day Of School Is The Most Important Day For The Student And Teacher

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The first day of school is the most important day for the student and teacher. In my classroom I would like to have an introduction assignment that the students can fill out. I will put important questions on there that will allow me to get to know each of my student 's better. You have to be able to know each student, so that you can learn about who they are, how they best learn, and what their home life is like. You may be faced with a child that has parents that don 't promote learning at home and if I don 't ask a question like, “Do your parents help you study at home,” I may not learn that until later in the year. There will be some children that are going to give me answers that I want to hear and I will have to learn that over time, but this is a good start in learning who my students are. I will welcome each student with a smile on my face, so that the student 's get a good feeling about me and I hope to release some of their nervousness they may have. (Wong Chapter 13) I will tell the students that there 's name slips at the top of each desk. They are to find their name and ...

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