The Day Of High School Student Essay examples

The Day Of High School Student Essay examples

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Being the average high school student, I always wanted to succeed. Failure was not an option in anything I did. It was just how my mom raised me, to be just like her. My mom would always say, failure will never overtake if my desire to succeed is strong. During my senior year of high school, I decided to challenge myself by taking my first AP class, AP Literature. Albeit, I completely dislike literature, but I wanted to push my boundaries. I dislike literature because of the reading of sophisticated novels and sometimes I didn’t understand as well as the other students in the class, but I wasn’t going to let that deter me.
On the first day of class I got there super early, to try and prove my determination and readiness. Also, I wanted to get to know my teacher, Mrs. Cayla. As I walked through the door, Mrs.Cayla says “wow we see who will never be late to class.” I gave her a little smile, even though her joke was mediocre. She had a little joke ready for each student that walked through the door. While sitting and laughing at how sorry my teacher’s jokes were, I noticed that many students had papers on their desks’. Being as curious as I am, I asked one girl, Kaylee, what they were for. She then told me it was her paper for the book she had chosen to read over the summer. It then hit me like a moving train, “We had a summer reading assignment?” I whispered meekly. The girl looked at me in pure disgust and told me “Yes” with the most insulting look on her face. From that point on I knew this about to be one long year. Not only did I not know we had a summer reading assignment, but also the first person I meet in the class already does not like me.
My next move was to go and ask the teacher what were the assignments and how man...

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...ld me it was amazing, but of course not without one of her witty comments. At that moment, I finally felt normal and not like a non-gifted students but a determined hardworking student. I knew everything felt like it finally clicked. Although I didn’t get the perks of being gifted. I was still able to finally do well on a paper.
Although I didn’t get the perks of being gifted and challenged, I was still able to better my education and I didn’t this new and challenging class overwhelm me. By the end of my senior year and as that class finally came to an end, I passed her final of writing a five paragraph essay in 45 minutes. I passed the class with a high B. Also, I learned a lot of new help information that I have brought along to college with me. Despite being faced with adversity, I was still able to do what was needed to pass the class and graduate high school.

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