Essay on Day Of Destruction, Days Of Revolt By Chris Hedges And Joe Sacco

Essay on Day Of Destruction, Days Of Revolt By Chris Hedges And Joe Sacco

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Equality is not something we get to have when we come into this world. It is something that is being fought for and will continue to fight for as long as people think of themselves and do not think of the consequences that may occur from their own actions. In the book “Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt” by Chris Hedges and Joe Sacco they narrowed in on what structural violence is. The different examples of injustices that were occurring around the countries. Lastly explains the ways the oppressed used there actions, words, and ideas to fight the injustices. Injustices are all around world many of which still have a lot of control to this day and take a toll on the less able. Allowing large corporations to dictate what will be said and done. But, fought by using different modes of resistance to create equality.
Ever think about the repercussion of an act that you took? Did you ever think about what could happen to the people around you? Or how the act you took may turn into down the road? These are all questions one should ask themselves before taking drastic measures to help their own gains. Structural violence is one of the most abused types of violences that occurs around the world. Structural violence is mostly comprised of the people in the world who do not get the same opportunities of people who did not grow up in impoverished areas. This type of violence is not a physical type of violence, but is done through actions taken by higher powers. It is most commonly done by not giving the necessities to people who are in need of it. To be aware of structural violence is pretty straight forward. This can be done by looking at the environment of the structure the people are living in or even just looking at the basic needs. A ...

... middle of paper ... of hard work.
The injustices that take over in the world are slowly but surely dwindling down by all of the unions, protests, and actions taken trying to find the common ground. Structural violence is an extremely sensitive topic because it harder to find ways to create equality due to the fact so many people are affected by the issues surrounding them. Many different injustices are caused by the morals people carry and when a person is given to much power they are testing their own morals, if they have any, and from this reading it goes to show that many just look for more money and more power. The book shows many different examples of using modes of resistance without having to use any violence. Looking upon the world and how people are treating each other shows the amount of effort we are putting towards finding the balance through what is right and wrong.

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