The Day Of A Game Essay

The Day Of A Game Essay

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It was a cold winter morning, and I was feeling very tired. The only thing that I knew was getting me through the day was the basketball game. I was walking through the halls going to my classes thinking about what would happen tonight. I had many mixed feelings going through my head from being scared, to super excited. I knew that whatever happened tonight would change everything. The day of a game was always one of the most exciting days. I wanted to be a basketball player.
It was getting closer to game time. I went home and got all my stuff ready then went back up to the high school to get on the road. Everyone was getting so pumped on the way there. Blasting music as we were singing our hearts out on the way there was something I love doing. As the bus was getting closer to the school I could feel my stomach dropping more and more. I was getting anxious, and I was ready to step foot on that court.
This was it, the game that would make it or break it for us to get into playoffs. I don’t know how my teammates were feeling, but my stomach was in knots. As I was walking into the building all I could smell was the food at the concession stand. A lot of people greeted us with a “good luck.” I was scared I wanted this so bad. I knew I had to get over the butterflies and get my game face on.
As I was making my way to the court a tingling sensation was going through my body. Sitting on the bench lacing up my sneakers as tight as possible; scoping out the other team. This feeling in my stomach got worse and worse. I was more scared than I ever was for a simple basketball game. I knew this team was good and they had a way better record than we did. It was time for us to get serious. Twenty minutes to warm up, and it was just for th...

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...whole way up with a flick of the wrist. The ball is up in the air, spinning towards the rim. I feel good about this shot, I keep my eye on the ball, and see that it bounces on the backboard, then hits the rim, rolls in the basket, but then finds its way out.
I knew we still had a chance in overtime, but that is not what I wanted. We could have won right then and there if I would have just made that simple shot. I think to myself that I was under pressure because it was the last couple seconds and I should just push myself harder these next three minutes. We start overtime, my heart is still pounding from the last quarter. I was furious, I wanted this more than anything. We needed to get this win no matter how hard we got to push. Weaving through all the girls just trying to get points and have the ball as much as possible. That is the moment I knew I blew the game.

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