Essay on The Day I Met Him

Essay on The Day I Met Him

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The Day I Met Him
It was on a Christmas vacation trip to Texas that I met him not knowing he would forever be the love of my life. He was sixteen, about to turn seventeen in the next three days, and I was fourteen. At first we didn’t really notice each other because it wasn’t important yet. For some reason the whole actual vacation trip is a blur, but not this. Not the day I met him.
That day started with an invitation from my cousin and her mother. They were going to go visit my cousin’s grandmother and well there was not much to do that day at my grandparent’s house. If we didn’t go out that day, the plan was to sit around and munch on tamales the whole day.
My cousin wasn’t so happy about visiting her grandmother, but she was excited about seeing her other girl cousins’ from her dad’s side of the family. So we got ready and left to my cousin’s grandma’s house. We arrived at her grandma’s house and didn’t immediately go in, because two of her aunts were outside sitting and they began to converse with my cousin’s mother about family things. So we stood outside next to my aunt for a while. While we were standing there I noticed some guys skateboarding and asked my cousin if she knew them. My cousin told me they were her cousins Eric, Joey, and Ozzie. Then my cousin’s girl cousins noticed she had arrived through the window of one of the bedrooms from inside my cousin’s grandma’s house. They immediately rushed outside and pulled us into the house and took us into one of the rooms.
We just ‘chilled,’ talked, and listened to music for a while. We watched some parody music videos that my cousin and her cousin, EV, made. They were so hilarious. I didn’t know my cousin had this talent.
My aunt went to go get us from the room because her ...

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...went on and on about what had happened throughout her day and her annoyances, because she had been bored. Finally, she got to the point of the call.
“Well my brother thinks you’re cute too and he wants your number.”
I was so excited and I couldn’t believe it.
“Okay, um.” I totally went blank and got nervous.
Then I heard his voice.
“Hey,” he said, “so you think I’m cute?”
My cousin giggled and I couldn’t let go of my nervousness.
“Um, so, yeah…”
It was obvious I could not converse.
This was just the start. We eventually dated or at least talked a lot over the phone. We ended up having a long distance relationship because we lived three hours away from each other. Yes, he didn’t live in Texas, he was just on vacation too. He is the most beautiful memory I have of love. The day I met him I knew he would be my love forever, even though today we are not together.

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