The Day Had Finally Come Essay

The Day Had Finally Come Essay

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The day had finally come. All of the hard work—some laziness, if I’m truly being honest, was finally going to be paid off. Tonight, I am officially going to become a high school graduate.
The hands of the clock stood horizontally, for the countdown to commencement ticked away. I shuffle my feet to my bed where a black dress with cream-traced embroidery is already set out. I throw it over my head and poke my arms through the holes. Twirling in the mirror to make sure it looks just right, I gather my pile of differentiated tubes of makeup and scatter them onto the floor. I plop down in front of the mirror. Strokes of mascara paint my lashes black, and velvety blush kisses my cheeks. I toss my golden locks side to side to where they rest on my shoulders. Now time for shoes; to wear or to not wear heels—that is the question. I shimmy my foot into matching strappy heels and think to myself that I do not want to take the chance of tumbling over, so I play it safe with flat sandals. Preparation for graduation is similar to prom night, I realize. Except for the fact that my prom dress is a boxy sheet of sunny fabric and my tiara is a cap that leaves my head with “hat hair”.
Time was inching closer to the ceremony. I wrapped myself in the yellow gown and zip it up from my plum-painted toes to my collar bone. I then hastily bobby-pin my cap to my head, for my look was finally complete. My family greets me downstairs and on my porch, where I mentally and physically prepare my eyes, since I know that sharp flashes from cameras await. We go through the line of my family so everyone gets a photo—or a thousand—with me. I can’t help but thinking that its almost time.
By now, butterflies are fluttering in my gut. All of my family are now load...

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...radition—the cap tossing. Caps of yellow and black are being lunged into the air. I toss mine up and barely catch it on the way down. I pause to take a second and look around me—all I can see are beaming countenances of pure joy. This moment is extraordinarily moving; I try to shield my streams of tears. I look towards my family and give them a nod of appreciation, followed by a smile, because I couldn’t have accomplished this without them. We made it.
Looking back, as anxious as I was to graduate, senior year was really just a breeze that blew right by. Graduating high school is truly only the first day of the rest of my life and has allowed me to realize that there’s opportunity that awaits in my future. When one door closes, another door opens.
Twelve long years. Fourteen if you count preschool and kindergarten. That’s how long I’d been waiting for this moment.

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