The Day Had Come By Serena Essay

The Day Had Come By Serena Essay

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The day had come, Serena triumphantly had reached her final therapy session, and she was sure glad of it. Serena felt the need to close this chapter in her life and move forward, making positive changes in her life. She was not going to ignore what had happened, she was going to deal with it; she had found the essential tools to do so, and she was not afraid of feeling weak or emotional in front of anyone. Although, she may not confess these thoughts, she could not completely let her guard down - especially on a professional level.

Today was the day she hoped that this therapy malarkey would be out of her life for good, what she didn’t realise was that her last session was not going to end up as the walk in the park as she had hoped it would be. After the usual informal chitchat, Charles dived straight in with the gritty and much needed subject he needed Serena to tackle and that was something Serena was not feeling prepared for in the slightest.

“There is something we did not touch upon last week, I feel we need to” Charles sighed

“Okay, you almost sound terrified of asking me”

“Because it is a lot to ask of you” Charles trod carefully

“You’ve had me through the ringer already, what could be worse”

“The accident that happened the day of your miscarriage”

Serena’s face ran pale; she did not remember much about her brutal attack, she remembered her fear and her inability to control the situation. It was the first time someone had ever asked her about that day in a long time and the pain from her attack almost seemed to hit her like a flash of lightening.

“I… I do not recall much, the blood… I remember the blood, there was a lot of it, and my phone, my phone was badly smashed. I had to put my SIM in an old Nokia phone”


... middle of paper ... her eyes, not anymore. She only hoped that their friendship was a lot stronger and they could overcome the breakup, work together as colleagues, as friends.

“Sometimes, you have to let go of these things, it hurts. A lot like that time you made me let go of the balloon, it is painful but for the right reasons it was necessary. I think Ric understands, he didn 't want this for us, neither did I; but I know in here, in my heart it is the right thing to do”

“Well, it seems like it 's something you took a lot of thought over”

“No, I knew after walking out of here last week, subconsciously I must have always known; from the moment I knew I was pregnant, I just didn 't want to face it. It does not mean that we do not love each other or that we never did. Another time, another place, who knows? Just now it 's not the right time; it never was, as much as I wanted it.”

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