Day Care Center Benefits For Children 's Social, Emotional, And Educational Development

Day Care Center Benefits For Children 's Social, Emotional, And Educational Development

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Day Care Center Benefits
Approximately 60 percent of U.S. children aged five and younger have spent time in a
child care setting (Wohlgenant, et al). This number is increasing and the need for child care continues to be more and more demanding. The big question is whether daycare centers, home care faculties, or the stay-at-home moms are the best choice for children? Overall daycare centers are more beneficial to children 's social, emotional, and educational development because of the centers ' tighter guidelines. About 57 percent of children are in some type of child care based in a daycare center, while 23 percent were cared for at home by a relative of some sort, and 12 percent are in home care facilities (Davidson 671). Over half of children are in a daycare center, meaning that is the right choice for children when we can provide the right staff, education, social and emotional atmosphere.
Every parent wants their child to have the most one-on-one time with the teacher or daycare provider to help improve the child 's education. Within daycare centers, they have requirements on the staff-to-child ratio and the maximum group size they can maintain. The Child Care Center Licensing guidelines state that for every four infants there must be one staff member and the group maximum capacity is eight children (9). This indicates that there will be at least two staff members with just the infants and more staff for the older age groups. As the children get older and become more independent, the child-to-staff ration becomes a bit smaller.
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For example, for every ten preschoolers only one staff member is required and the maximum number of children is 20 (Revisor of Statues 9). These are not just any employees watching the child...

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...ters keep open till most jobs are done, around the time of six o 'clock.
The debate on what childcare is the best childcare will be never ending. There are both pros and cons of both sides. Overall daycare centers are the right choice for a child. With new education and technology children are becoming more advanced. These tighter guidelines provide structure for a developing child, pushing them in the right direction. Their social, emotional, and educational development will be better than a child who did not attend any childcare, while a daycare center would be the most beneficial. Parents can argue against daycare centers and go with home facilities or no child care at all, but that would not be benefitting their
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child as much as they could be. Cost is always an issue with child care but there is always a way to give a child the best education they deserve.

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