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The Day Before Valentine 's Day Essay example

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It’s the day before Valentine’s Day, you are eagerly waiting to get home to your significant other so you can celebrate the day of love, and you load your flight and hit the runway to take off. However, you sit on the runway for six hours waiting only to find out that you cannot leave. This was the tragic realization for many passengers who choose to fly with JetBlue on February 13, 2008 (Hanna). On that day, only 17 of the 156 flights scheduled left the airport (Hanna). More and more flights were canceled over the course of a week, leading to 1,096 flights in all and more than 130,000 angry customers (Smith). Finally, on February 20th flights resumed as usual but as you can imagine there were a lot of unhappy customers to deal with (Hanna). When the forecast had changed from winter weather to rain the John F. Kennedy Airport in New York decide to continue with its regular routine until the weather turned out to be more than just a little rain. After flights were canceled, thousands of passengers decided to reschedule crashing their web reservations adding even more chaos to this crisis.
One thing that makes this a crisis is that it was unexpected. The weather had changed from a winter weather storm to rain, so JetBlue did not see this tragic storm coming along with all of the other mishaps that the storm blew in. They suffered some major consequences considering they were well- known for their excellent customer service, and it was something they prided themselves on (Smith). While internet was prevalent many of the upset customers took to the internet to express their emotions and anger toward JetBlue (Smith). According to Smith, who used the Service Quality model, JetBlue failed in all areas including; reliability, responsive...

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... and that they are trying to handle it quickly and effectively. After the crisis has subsided a crisis communicator needs to make sure there is plan in place to provide training for any future crisis such as this one. They need to make sure that the CEO and leaders of a company get out in the public eye to make a statement and to let them know how they will be handling the crisis. It is also there job to help the company stay transparent and ethical throughout the crisis to avoid any more tarnishes in JetBlue’s reputation. The crisis communicator should also stress the importance of discourse of renewal to JetBlue, helping them to take this crisis as an opportunity to learn and grow as a company. Overall, the crisis communicator I feel did a great job in stressing all of these things and helping JetBlue to regain its reputation and to grow in through this situation.

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