The Day After Tomorrow, By Michael Crichton Essay

The Day After Tomorrow, By Michael Crichton Essay

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When we think of global warming, we think in the present. Not realizing this began centuries ago, which some scientist believe that earth has, ever so slowing, been warming up since the ice age. Still yet some claim the Industrial Age, of when coal, railroads and developing of lands, was responsible for the global warming. It was not until the 1970’s that global warming came into public awareness and even then it was not recognized as a serious issue. However, in 2004 global warming finally became a ’hot’ item, in September 2004 when it made the cover of National Geographic magazine, in May 2004 a smash hit movie, ‘The Day After Tomorrow’, and in December 2004, a best selling novel by Michael Crichton, State of Fear. However, it still remains a never ending subject of controversy.
Global warming as we understand it, is like earth wrapped in a blanket, trapping and absorbing all the heat under it. The heat under this blanket is caused by greenhouse gases, like water vapor, carbon dioxide and methane. This is causing the earths lower atmosphere to rapidly warm. Global warming occurs in two fashions. The first is the natural process that occurs when carbon dioxide is emitted to the air through, sunlight, animals, deforestation, and volcanic eruptions. The human factors are man’s insatiable appetite for fossil fuels, such as coal, emissions given of by cars, the use of aerosol sprays called chlorofluorocarbons, and landfills given off methane gas. The earths delicate balance of releasing more energy than it is trapping becomes overwhelmed by mans never ending quest to use up earths natural resources, thus creating the greenhouse effect. This means that all the energy that has been stored in the lower atmosphere, cannot cool quickl...

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...fighting for. And if we remember that, I’m absolutely sure we’ll succeed.”
I believe that the scientific community should speak out literally and vocally and vehemently against politicians who accept money from the big powerful lobbyists in essence these lobbyists are the disciples of big corporate America, who seek to road block, hinder or destroy any legislation that will reduce their profits. The scientific community should write a article and publish it for the entire world to see and title it, “People Before Profits”. The world will see how big corporate America is reaping huge profits at the expense of our environment. It deeply saddens me, that we as humans are the protector of our mother earth and what we are doing now, should be for the common good of all, so we can leave a better environment and a healthier cleaner world for future generations to come.

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