Dawkins, Kozol, and Cultural Evolution Essays

Dawkins, Kozol, and Cultural Evolution Essays

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Clinton Richard Dawkins was born in Nairobi, Kenya in 1941. Born into an upper –middle class, Christian naturalist family, Dawkins had an interest in Biology and unanswered philosophical questions regarding: Where did we come from? What is life all about? among others. His interest in Biology flourished under the guidance of his Biology teacher later in his education. He received his B.A. degree in Biology from Oxford University in 1996. He received M.A. and D.Phil. in 1996.
During the acquisition of his education, Dawkins worked as a Biologist in Britain, but in 1972, he had to give up his research due to power shortages. Dawkins at age 35 began writing the book The Selfish Gene. As an ethologist, Dawkins was interested in animal behavior, and natural selection. His book introduced a new way of viewing how the world and life evolved. Dawkins views the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) gene as immortal, and the success of the gene’s survival is the success of the vehicle (body) the gene creates. The term meme was also coined by Dawkins, introducing a cultural alternative theory of natural selection through imitating human behaviors, spreading information throughout society.
Dawkins continues to lecture and teach his theory of evolution of life and the world. His outspoken views on religion have also kept him in the forefront of the media, receiving accolades and criticisms. Sharing the same enthusiasm for the human condition is a fellow author Jonathan Kozol.
Kozol was born Massachusetts in 1936, into a middle class, Jewish family, growing up in the wealthy Boston suburb of Newton. He received summa cum laude degree in English literature, from Harvard in 1958. Kozol also received a Rhodes Scholarship to study at Oxford Univer...

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