David Walker From The Law Offices Of Finder Essay

David Walker From The Law Offices Of Finder Essay

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David Walker from the law offices of Finder, Minder & Grinder has ended up in a quandary, between his trusted administrative assistant, Susan Emson and respected colleague, Ramya Kumar. Emson feeling over worked and undervalued with the addition of Kumar to her already full list of responsibilities and Kumar feeling she was not receiving the respect or effort from Emson that she deserved. Knowing this had been going on too long and listening to both parties description of the dispute, he saw no direct resolution.
Throughout this scenario David tries to remain unbiased, however, by doing nothing I believe he gave justification to both individuals. Coupled with what seems like a lack of people skills on the part of Kumar and Emson’s perception of inequity within the firm brought about the situation.
I believe if David brought both employees in for a consultation straightaway the situation could have been resolved. It is obvious that Kumar believed Emson was an exceptional assistant because she asked for her specifically. At the same time Kumar being Emson’s superior should have sp...

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