Essay on David Remnick 's An American Tragedy

Essay on David Remnick 's An American Tragedy

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American journalist and writer, David Remnick, expressed the country’s deepest concerns on the Presidential Election in his New York Times article, “An American Tragedy.” Published precisely after Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, the compelling article voiced how utterly distraught Remnick felt about the pressing events and mediated what he felt Hillary supporters, immigrants, and all threatened people felt towards Trump. He began his article on a doomful and defeated note addressing his title and main argument: Donald Trump’s election and presidency are an American tragedy. He presented his “revulsion and anxiety” toward the presidency, the “miseries” we could potentially look forward to, and how the course of events had taken place. Remnick argued, impeccably, that commentators are merely devaluing the severity behind the emblem of electing Trump as President. Remnick articulated and proposes that Trump’s election was merely a result of the abhorrent nationalism that white supremacists upholded; that xenophobia, authoritarianism, misogyny, and racism are underlying values that Trump voters advocated for. Remnick continues in this dispute by revealing that Trump’s entire campaign fed off of the “dispossession and anxiety” of white voters towards having a woman as President who encouraged democracy and liberal principles. His entire article was founded as an activist resolution not only to Trump’s campaign and the presidential election, but towards the days to come, as well. Remnick’s piece proposed an answer for the question that most Americans have today: what will the next four years look like? Remnick called out the presidency for what it is, an American tragedy, and proposes that all is left to do is ...

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... of minorities and women, then despite any law, it will be made possible. Activism can be used for both good and for bad, and Orwell sustains this by saying that despite the law, what majorities implement, majorities achieve. The law does not protect, it merely sustains order, whether it be for white supremacy and racism or for the reform of American ideals and social change. Donald Trump’s presidency was, in fact, an American tragedy because it has revealed that there are people in our nations who abide by misogynistic and racist ideals; the law will not protect us from him and the law will not protect us from the thousands of Americans who also wish to persecute minorities. The only hope in America lies in the force of activism, because despite the law that stands now, and the potential laws that may stand throughout the next four years, there is power in numbers.

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