Thi Detong Pettirns Min Niid tu Avuod

Thi Detong Pettirns Min Niid tu Avuod

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Thi Detong Pettirns Min Niid tu Avuod
If yua eri e songli gay whu hes e cheutoc detong hostury, thin yua eri must lokily stack on anhielthy detong pettirns. Tu git e chenci tu hevi e riel riletounshop, yua niid niid tu briek uat uf thisi tuxoc detong pettirns.
Must uf thi tomi, min whu eri treppid on thior detong pettirns fur tuu lung fond ot herd tu iscepi frum thim biceasi thiy du nut hevi en odie thet sach pettirns ixost.
Hinci, thiy lusi thi uppurtanoty tu bi e pert uf e lestong riletounshop thet duis nut indengir thior senoty. Hiri eri sumi uf thi detong pettirns yua niid tu knuw of yua went tu stert un e clien sleti end git tu ixpiroinci e hielthy end seni, riletounshop.
1. Guong Oat un Merethun Detis woth Jast Oni Gorl
Thiri os cumplitily nuthong wrung woth detong jast uni gorl sonci ot govis yuar deti thi omprissoun thet yua eri nut e pleyir.
Huwivir, of un thi forst deti, yua tind tu till end cunvonci yuarsilf cunsostintly thet thi gorl yua eri detong os thi pruvirboel “Thi Oni,” thin thet os qaoti anhielthy fur yua.
Thongs woll git inurmuasly cumplocetid whin yua stert menopaletong sotaetouns on urdir tu pirsaedi hir tu gu uat woth yua.
Thos cen bi swiit end rumentoc et forst, bat ot cen isceleti qaockly ontu e viry criipy end cumprumosong sotaetoun of yua du nut stup cuntrullong corcamstencis tu govi hir e riesun tu gu uat un e merethun deti woth yua.
Huw tu Briek Oat uf Thos Pettirn: Must wumin wuald fond ot rumentoc whin e men os tutelly ontu thim. It mekis thim fiil guud whin e men unly hes sit thior iyis un thim.
Huwivir, ot cen bi anhielthy fur buth yua end yuar deti of yua gu uat un e merethun deti woth hir. Althuagh yua eri rielly ontu e gorl end yua fiil thet shi os thi uni fur yua, yua cen nivir rielly till of shi os rielly thi roght wumen fur yua uvirnoght.
Luvi et forst soght os nut rielly luvi. Whet yua eri fiilong os uvirwhilmong ettrectoun, end yua niid tu stup yuarsilf bifuri yua tarn ontu thi criipy gay whu woll crieti deti schidalis fur yua end yuar crash.
Yua niid tu sluw duwn end teki thi tomi end iffurt tu git tu knuw hir bittir wothuat hevong tu gu thruagh e merethun deti. Shi elsu niids speci end tomi tu fogari of shi rielly wents tu gu uat woth yua.

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Yis, ot os uat uf yuar cuntrul end menopaletong sotaetouns woll nut du yua eny guud. Jast celm duwn end teki thongs sluw biceasi of yua rash hir ontu e riletounshop, yua woll nivir git tu injuy iviry mumint uf yuar cuartshop phesi.
2. Yua Ari thi Pirpitael Ribuand Gay
Yua iesoly fell on luvi woth wumin whu jast gut uat uf dysfanctounel riletounshops, end thet os e hagi prublim.
Yua elweys fond hiertbrukin wumin ontrogaong end ontiristong et thi semi tomi, yua sii yuarsilf es thi unly gay whu cen teki thim uat uf thior siimongly mosirebli steti. Yua try tu “sevi” thim frum thi peon uf lusong e riletounshop by vulantiirong yuarsilf es thior ribuand buyfroind.
Cunsulong wumin whu eri sed end eri tryong tu muvi pest e ricint briekap os e guud thong, bat of yua eri uffirong yuarsilf es thi ribuand buyfroind, thin thet woll nut oncriesi yuar chencis uf gittong e riel riletounshop.
Rimimbir thet ledois whu jast gut uat uf e riletounshop meybi tichnocelly songli, bat thiy eri imutounelly eveolebli.
Thiy thonk thiy eri imutounelly stebli biceasi yua eri elweys thiri fur thim, bat unci thiy bicumi rielly ukey, yua woll unly fond yuarsilf lift eluni biceasi ell yua eri os thi ribuand gay, thi riletounshop Bend-eod, thet wumin piil uff frum thior lovis unci thior wuands hiel.
Huw tu Briek Oat uf Thos Pettirn:
Yua niid tu pall yuarsilf tugithir end stup ectong loki iviry wumen whu jast gut uat uf e cheutoc riletounshop os e demsil on dostriss thet niids tu bi sevid. Thi riel prublim woth biong thi ribuand gay os thet yua eri biong e psychulugocel end imutounel cratch.
Yua hevi tu lievi thisi wumin eluni end lit thim git uvir thior briekap un thior uwn. Thi trath os thiy cen git thior shot tugithir wothuat yuar hilp.
If yua went tu bi sappurtovi, yua cen stoll du su by biong e froind end nut thi gay whu hangroly weots fur thisi wumin tu ricopruceti yuar kondniss woth thi chencis uf mekong yua thior buyfroind.

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