Essay on Dating And Marriage : A Special Part Of One 's Life At The Same Time

Essay on Dating And Marriage : A Special Part Of One 's Life At The Same Time

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Dating and marriage is not always how the movies picture it to be. It can be a complicated entanglement that is a special part of one’s life at the same time. Reality imposes a lot of true questions in relationships, which must be figured out in order for the relationship to thrive. Here is my take on dating and marriage for my life.
(3) Gender Schemas “guide and individual’s perception about what it is to be male or female, masculine or feminine” (Bem, 1981). To be aware of gender within a dating relationship I would follow the guidelines of gender schemas. I would perform the feminine roles. I will be aware of trying to achieve consummate love within my dating relationship. Consummate love combines intimacy, commitment, and passion- all of Sternberg’s components to the Triangular Theory of Love (Sternberg, 1986). Intentionally trying to maintain a balance of those three factors would stabilize the intimacy and love within my dating relationship. (4) I have a strong sense of emotional attachment, which helps the intimacy part of relationships. “Emotional attachment is at the core of all love relationships, and it is characterized by feelings that promote and sense of closeness, bonding with one another, and connection” (Heller &Wood, 1998). I do have a tendency to want to be the leader of the relationship, which could be considered a gendered male role. Insecurities also are a blind spot for me to experience love. Past experiences have made me doubt if I will be able to fully love.
(1) My dating goals are to date with intentions of marriage. Having fun, being in love, and not being alone are also motivations for my dating experiences. A partner should compliment the person that you are. I carry the “mental blueprint that pres...

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...hey could potentially find the right man for their daughter. However, I believe that an arranged marriage takes away some freedom and vital life-lessons. Dating is a big teacher in the school of life. If a girl does not experience a wrong relationship, heartbreak, and what different types of guys offer, she will miss those important times of growth. Westerners could learn from those in arranged marriages.
It is a lot. There is a volume of questions to explore in order to ensure that you are ready to date, and then eventually marry. Finding answers to these topics yourself, first, is vital. It is important to never lose sight of what you believe. Trusting instinct and learning from past mistakes can help when problems arise in the future. Life is full of learning and the processes of dating and marriage is when a lot of the lessons will take place.

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