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Chapter three: Case Study

In the previous chapter we generally mentioned Graph databases together with other types of NoSQL database; however, since one of the main goals of this thesis is giving a simple analysis for two systems, it is necessary to understand what main features and what these systems have. Consequently, in this chapter we will find what are the most Databases that have the best availability and scalability. First of all, we will choose a simplest type of the relational database and describe it which is MySQL. Secondly, will choose one type of the NoSQL database and try to analyze it and we will choose Neo4j which it is a graph database.

- MySQL server is one of the most widely used open source database management system nowadays; it was developed by MySQL AB in 1995 and now it is owned by Oracle Corporation. In the scientific and academic fields MySQL have great access to the market. Moreover, both of the manufacturers and the community of the user, having great support for MySQL.
- MySQL falls into the category of relational databases. Relational databases are the databases that divide the data into small chunk rather them putting them all together in one data source. The data is stored in tables which are referenced with other tables so that accessibility and flexibility is maximized.
- MySQL was originally designed to handle the requirement of large database faster and consistent than any other database. Keeping in mind the ease of use, security, connectivity, scalability and availability.
- ACID (Atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability) are a group of principles that are controlling the relational model. MySQL is perfect for robust and easy interaction with the database.

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...SQL and Neo4j having replication it is a technique of Master/Slave and this one of the technologies that is used in horizontal scaling, however, MySQL can have vertical scaling also.
- MySQL is follow schema before inserting data, while Neo4j is having flexible schema or schema free.
- Sharding in MySQL follow horizontal partitioning and sharding with MySQL Cluster, while in Neo4j It does not follow Sharding at all.
- MySQL and Neo4j both follow ACID properties, Neo4j follow the CAP theorem also to achieve high availability, while MySQL try to achieve consistency.
- For data model MySQL was designed for the principle concept of the normalization which allows Relational model to store any data without redundancy and loss of information, while for Neo4j there is specifically one graph and for each graph there are nodes, relationships and properties for both of them.

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