Database Management System Diagram

Database Management System Diagram

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 Database program that is a software system that store the database information. It organizes, manages incoming data and provides ways for the data to be modified or extracted by users or other programs.  Is a device interposed between a potential user of information and information collection itself for a given information problem, the purpose of the system is to capture wanted items and to filter out unwanted items.
 Structured data.  Unstructured data.
 Make new databases.
 Define the content of the databases.
 Store data.
 Query data.
 Protect data.
 Encrypt data.
 Handling of access rights.
 Synchronize accesses.
 Organization of physical data structures.
 One of the most distinguish features of DBMS is that they offer an advance Data Modelling Facility (DMF) including Data Definition Language (DDL) and Data Manipulation Language (DML) for modelling and manipulating data.
 A major strength of the Data Definition Language of DBMS is the capability to define the data integrity constraints.
 Provides precise semantics.
 Query specification is complete in DBMS.
 Query language is artificial in DBMS.  Indexing documents (unless the system works directly on the document text).
 Formulating queries, resulting in document representations and query representations, respectively.
 The system then matches the representations and displays the documents found and the user selects the relevant items.
 Search request returns list or pointers to documents.
 Not offer an advance DMF. Usually data modelling in information retrieval system is restricted to classification of objects.
 In IRS such validation mechanisms are less developed.
 Most of the time provides imprecise semantics.
 Query specification is incomplete.
 Query language is near to natural language.

Besides that, the differences between data and information as follow:

Database deal with structured information retrieval through well-defined formal languages for representation and manipulation based on the theoretically founded data models. Efficient algorithms have been developed for operators that allow rapid execution of complex queries. IR, on the other hand, deals with unstructured search with possibly vague query or search semantics and without a well-defined logical schematic representation.

Whereas databases have fixed schemas defined in some data model such as the relational model IR system has no fixed data model; it views data or documents according to some scheme, such as the vector space model, to aid in query processing.
Databases using the relational model employ SQL for queries and transactions. The queries are mapped into relational algebra operations and search algorithms and return a new relation as the query result, providing an exact answer to the query for the current state of the database. In IR systems, there is no fixed language for defining the structure of the document or for operating on the document- queries tend to be a set of query terms (keywords) or a free-form natural language phrase.

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An IR query result is a list of document ids, or some pieces of text or multimedia objects (images, videos, and so on), or a list of links to web pages.

The result of a database query is an exact answer; if no matching records (tuples) are found in the relation, the result is empty (null). On the other hand, the answer to a user request in an IR query represents the IR system’s best attempt at retrieving the information most relevant to that query.
Whereas database systems maintain a large amount of metadata and allow their use in query optimization. The operations in IR systems rely on the data values themselves and their occurrence frequencies. Complex statistical analysis is sometimes performed to determine the relevance of each document r parts of a document to the user request.

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