Database Analysis : Database And Information Systems Essay

Database Analysis : Database And Information Systems Essay

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Database & Information Systems is a database used in everyday life, it was used in the past, is used in the present, and will continue to be used in the future. There are single and multiuser databases, as well as N Tier an client servers. There are many types of Data models such as, relational and star schema. Databases and information systems are even used on the web, these types can include PHP scripts and CGI scripts. To understand how Database & Information Systems came about, one has to look at the history of data.

In ancient times Humans at some point decided to keep information. Most of this information was kept on walls and scrolls. Elaborate types of database systems were created and used by businesses big and small and government. Some of which are being used today. The more modern computer systems of today were started in the 1960s. This was around the time computers became cheaper for the average businesses. Back then there were two types of data models. The first a network model was called CODASYL and was also called ISM. The second which is useful for commercial company use and is called SABRE and was used by IBM. This was used by airlines to manage its reservations. In the early 70s a man names E.F Codd published a paper which gave an idea of relational databases. Which became the standard for the principles of databases. The late 70s brought about a new model called (ER) Entity Relationship. P. Chen was the creator of this model, and made it to where the designers could focus on the data application instead of focusing on the table structure. The 80s brought about a major change with the introduction of (SQL) Structured Query Language. This is the standard query language used. With the boom of SQL many new pro...

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... like have a stack of baseball card, you can have 2 stacks, one with many copies, and one with only 1 of each. The database would bring up the ones with only 1 each which helps in redundancy. Another benefit is that is can share information. This allows a developer to build of the main component. As mentioned before it can be used backup and safeguard information. This is beneficial in case a fire or emergency happens and you lose all your data, you can bring it back with the backup. The main point of a database though is to collect and organize information. The same way your mom may have clipped coupons and organized them into specific piles like, meats, dairy, and grain. It can also help you make decisions involving information. If you have a warehouse and you need a product or have too much of a product you can use the system to see what you need to buy or sell.

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