Data Warehouse Architecture Essay

Data Warehouse Architecture Essay

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In order to store something, data should be collected first. Conducting interviews and distributing questionnaires are the most common and simplest techniques in collecting data. These techniques are useful in investigating a specific subject especially if there are no original data available. This is generally known as the collection of primary data. Before data can be used, data needs to be transformed to fit the present needs (TimeWeb, 2010). Checking for errors, making critical summary and accurate analysis is necessary in gathering and reporting data because a simple mistake in the process could lead to the distortion of the meaning and value of its original form. It is imperative to process the data carefully since this data becomes information needed to be stored. The main purpose of information storage system is to preserve the information gathered used for making plans and decisions at present and in the future.
Arguments in which data warehouse architecture is best among consultants and vendors never cease since each one of them claims that the architecture they use ...

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