Essay on Data Forcasting Spreadsheet

Essay on Data Forcasting Spreadsheet

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In this spread sheet the purpose of the data was to show the forecast of Humber Computing Solutions for the period of one year for three different services/products. The data represents the income from each product/service and total income and the same for expenditures. There is also a section that shows the amount of hours clients had issues with products/services and what was offered back to them as a way of compensation for any income they could have lost to no fault of their own. The data was supposed to be easy to read and understand by whoever was using the data sheet the graphs and charts were well displayed on their own pages rather than having them all squashed to fit one page.
Although many formulas have been used all are performing the same type of calculation. Each monthly sum is using the add formula to calculate the month by month income. There are many formulas that are possible to use but in this case the add formula was the one that fit the purpose. There are also two IF statements in the data sheet. (, 2014) “The IF function checks to see if a condition you specify is true or false. If true, one thing happens if false, something else happens” as described by the makers of Excel. The IF statements are logical tests so in this data sheet the bonus IF statement =IF(O28 3. AUTOMATED FEATURES
The cash flow forecast was made easier to u...

... middle of paper ...

...y show as currency in the income and expenditure cells.
For all workbooks produced a test plan should be available to be consulted by whoever needs to use the document and can outline how to put issues right if any occur.
In the test plan every aspect that is automated was tested to make sure it worked. One of the routines failed and this was an IF statement the problem was the = was missing from the code and once added the problem was rectified and the test passed.


The test plan will tell the user exactly what cells are being used for each automated formula or macro.

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