Data Collection and Analysis: Questionnaire Essay

Data Collection and Analysis: Questionnaire Essay

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Data Collection and Analysis


The research carried on both quantitative approach and qualitative approach. It began with quantitative approach—questionnaire. Bryman and Bell (2003) asserted that mail or postal questionnaires are most popular forms of questionnaires. Another form—self-completion questionnaire was also common because of the overlap with postal questionnaire to some extent.

The questionnaire was self-completion questionnaire which sometimes is named self-administered questionnaire. It is to say that respondents completed the questionnaires by themselves (Bryman and Bell, 2003). The research conducted an online survey though a professional website called ‘survey monkey’. There is no doubt that it is a cheaper and easier way to collect information for researcher. In addition, it is convenient for respondents as well.

The questionnaire encompassed five sections. The first section was introduction. The aim of the research and the completing time of the questionnaire were introduced in the section and make sure the respondents know the security of the information they offered. The second section included only two demographic questions, which are ‘What is your gender?’ and ‘How old are you?’ The two questions were design to select useful information. The respondents who are female and age between 18-24 or 25-35 were contributed to the research. Others were seen as invalid questionnaires. The third section was the most important section of the questionnaire. There were ten closed questions in the third section which follow an easy to hard order, but eight of them were single answer question whereas the rest two were multiple choices questions. The first question ‘Are you interested in fashion br...

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...ipants were the students with Shanghai background, who studied abroad. Group study room in the Leicester’s library was a good choice for focus group. It was a competitive formal focus group.

Therefore, one focus group used English as the main language to discuss and the rest five focus groups talked in Chinese. All the record discussions were translated into English in transcribe process.

In the analysis process, all the questions of six focus groups were summarised into six main themes: 1) Customers’ attitudes towards fashion brands, 2) Powerful brand evaluation, 3) Attitudes towards shopping for fashion brands online, 4) Factors affecting purchasing choice, 5) Promotion evaluation, 6) Evaluation of channels of accessing to fashion brands, 7) Challenges of building fashion brands in Shanghai. Then the discussion was developed around the seven main themes.

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