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Data Analysis And Information Analysis Essay examples

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According to Dana and Yendol-Hoppey researchers have developed two precise processes that assist in data analysis, they are coding and memoing (2009, p.118). Coding is the initial step used for a researcher, it allows them to analyze their data and begin to categorize it. Memoing is an extended more in depth analysis of the data, where the researcher looks for patterns or reoccurring information to base their final thoughts on (2009, p.118). The writer began her data analysis by evaluating the Preschool Brigance Screener results from September and June. The writer chose to analysis this first because she did not want to display a basis opinion towards the parents who rarely communicated with teachers. Meaning, she would assume a student would do poorly because their parent did not have effective communication. She wanted to review the test scores and compare that to what she observes of the students on a daily basis first. Shown on Figure 1 are the scores of the initial Brigance and those of the Brigance given in June. Students first and last initials were used instead of their actual names for confidentiality purposes. As displayed on the bar graph the majority of students scores improved by at least five to ten points. Six students out of twenty participants had decreased scores by one or two points. The writer then removed the names of the six students, writing them on a separate piece of paper. Her goal was to determine a common factor between all six of the students. Using her written observations of the students she noticed there were strategies and suggestions made for each student, that involved home and school reinforces. Meaning if the suggestions provided to the parents were not being implemented at home, it may have be...

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...lly, schools mention excellent suggestions on how to improve the relationships with parents, but there is little to no action taken. The writer’s research proves that if effective communication between parents and teachers leads to endless benefits, the most important being the impact it has on student’s learning.
There is an abundance of new research that this study can suggest. For example, researchers could study further how being a single parent may affect the level of involvement a parent displays. It may also lead researchers to examine if parents of students with disabilities are more prone to communicate with teachers or if it makes them more hesitant. There is a tremendous amount of research that can be conducted as a follow up to this study. Ultimately, providing more insight for educators and parents on how to better support their child’s learning.

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