Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection, Social Darwinism and Hitler Essay

Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection, Social Darwinism and Hitler Essay

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Social Darwinism was one of the most powerful movements in the nineteenth century Germany, believes professor Jerry Bergman. As the movement escalated, Jews became non-human to the Germans. That was one of the reasons the Nazis did not feel any remorse at the time, because they had deprived the Jews of every piece of humanity that they obtained. Social Darwinism was first brought up by British philosopher and sociologist, Herbert Spencer. Social Darwinism goes back to the earliest form, which is Darwinism. Because social Darwinism and Darwinism have similar name, people think they are the same concept, but they are two completely different theories. Social Darwinism was a way to classify the “fit” from the “unfit.” Darwinism, on the other hand, was the way species evolve through time to become more adapt to their environment. Through history, social Darwinism has appeared repeatedly. For example social Darwinism was used in the progressive and imperialism era. Social Darwinism in the holocaust differs from social Darwinism in the Progressive era or the imperialism era, by the ways that people reacted to the situations. Social Darwinism in the holocaust gave scientific justification to the actions of the Nazis (Bergman). Spencer’s theory of social Darwinism, encouraged and pushed the Nazis on subjects such as: stereotyping that led to the Jews to be acknowledged as a race, eugenics, racial supremacy, and the superior race taking out the weaker races.
Social Darwinism brings about much confusion when comparing it to the original Darwinism. Social Darwinism is the idea that one type of race is better than another type. The theory “survival of the fittest” best represents this idea. “Survival of the fittest” refers to the weaker ra...

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