Darwin, Booker T. Washington and the Feminist Movement: How They Have All Influenced Modern Society

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1. Introduction
For my Project Learning Summary I chose to focus on two people and one movement that I believe have a strong impact on society today. Each of the topics has had an influence during their respective eras, and each proved that their work has gone onto make changes in the world as we see it today. I first looked at Darwin, for his work on natural selection and the significance it has had on science and religion. I then took another look at Booker T. Washington, and how his stance on integration of African Americans into a “white” society was at the end of slavery and what his efforts have done since. Lastly, I looked at the Feminist Movement and the efforts that were taken for improving equality as a whole in society.
1. Charles Darwin’s Historical Significance
In Charles Darwin’s life he had helped make a significant advancement in the way mankind viewed the world. With his observations, he played a part in shifting the model of evolution into his peers’ minds. Darwin’s theory on natural selection impacted the areas of science and religion because it questioned and challenged the Bible; and anything that challenged the Bible in Darwin’s era was sure to create contention with the church. Members of the Church took offense to Darwin’s Origins of Species because it unswervingly contradicted the teachings of the book of Genesis in the Bible. (Zhao, 2009) Natural selection changed the way people thought. Where the Bible teaches that “all organisms have been in an unchanging state since the great flood, and that everything twas molded in God’s will.” (Zhao, 2009) Darwin’s geological journey to the Galapagos Islands is where he was first able to get the observations he needed to prove how various species change over t...

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... real-world jobs in order for integration to work. The feminist movement gave the opportunity for women to have a voice in their lives, and has provided women with resources they otherwise would be unable to access. Each topic that was covered in the paper has had a hand in our lives. Whether it was being taught natural selection in school, getting an education, or equality we all have been influenced by the past.

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