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For the majority of the article "Sympathetic Science: Charles Darwin, Joseph Hooker, and the Passions of Victorian Naturalists" Endersby discusses the relationship of Darwin with other naturalist such as Huxley, Hooker and Wallace. and then goes on to comment on the separate spheres of the era and how that effected their relationships. Until the sub section labelled "Dear Old Darwin" not much is pertinent. The article concludes most enlightening by stating "nineteenth-century science flourished in the world of men- only clubs and societies, a world from which women and children were excluded. By contrast, naturalists like Darwin and Hooker seem to have been intent on allowing science to colonize the domestic sphere, by bringing chloroform and scientific expertise into the birthing room, by discussing families and novels in ostensibly scientific letters, by bringing children into the study." It also discusses a very important point of discussion on the topic of darwinism versus religion. Endersby addresses it as so "in addition, the moral character of scientific men was under particular scrutiny because their studies were widely regarded as undermining religion and thus the traditional foundations of morality; maintaining an exemplary role at the heart of the family helped deflect such criticisms."
Darwin put all of the ideas together that some others had come up with at the same period in time, and the style of his writing is why people in his day and time accepted him over the others with similar viewpoints. Darwin buries the readers in facts, through careful observation, and the constant flow of data coming from his writing gives him a basis for authority on evolution and its subject matter. Darwin writes well and through ...

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...ates that humankind evolved with the same type of emotions through "Natural Selection and inherited habits." The main point of this section is to understand how and why humans help each other. Darwin reasoned that through time and improved reasoning skills humans saw that it could be profitable to not only themselves but to the tribe. From these acts Darwin believes a habit formed, of aiding one's peers. Then he writes there were possibly more powerful stimuli for charitable and sympathetic acts, such as the glory or shame gleaned from one's peers. If a person felt no innate need to do a good thing then the need for praise can strengthen or replace the need and the act is still accomplished. To say it simply is that the end justifies the drive.

Works Cited

Levine, George Lewis. “Reflections on Darwin and Darwinizing.” Victorian Studies 51.2 (2009): 223-45.

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