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Darker Skin African American Females Essays

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Darker-skin African American females still experience discrimination because they are seen an inferior as a result of a long history of racism in the race.
When you think of racism, you immediately think of images of separation, usually with African Americans on one side and Caucasians on the other. Although that form of racism is still existent today, it is much more subtle than in past years. A particular form of racism that is highly present today is intra-racial racism, which is racism that occurs within African American. This form of racism may be more offensive, harsh, and unapologetic than traditional racism because there is a common denominator of skin color”. Many may say how? And why? Well this has been going on in the African American community for some time now for example have you ever heard of the brown paper bag test, or lighter the better, yes/no well it does not matter? Here is a 101 lesson on it and how to prevent it.
What started as Dutch, French, and English captains bribing the chiefs of African tribes in Sub-Saharan, Africa. Which started as the beginning of slavery in the 16th century. Transporting the African slaves did not start until the 17th century. What did they transport these Africans in? Boats, they first ported them to Angola, West Africa to transport them to Brazil cities such as Pernambuca, Bahia, and Rio. These boats carried many slaves and also carried a lot of disease such as Flux, Small Pox, and Scurvy. Which were later cause a large number of deaths and killings. Really it was a lot going on these boats not just deaths of the slaves but raping also The captains were known to do sexual things with the African women and children. From this problem created of multiracial children and also made ...

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...elf it is sad to say. It seems like this how they wanted to be.
So why did I find myself at the age of 16, slightly uncomfortable in my own skin, still slightly annoyed that I was the ‘dark skinned girl? It’s not that I consciously thought dark skin was ugly. On the contrary, I would look at a picture of someone like Lauryn Hill and see nothing but beauty, but there was a continual frustration in knowing that enough of my race, especially the young males my age, didn’t see that.” Sure there are plenty girls who feel this way and they wonder why they do not get the attention of a boy may like. Well what the elderly favorite quote is that a women is never to chase or to try to get the attention of a young men because if they do not notice you then 9 times out 10 they will not be the one he takes home to mommy but the one he will have fun with when every he feel like.

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