The Dark Truth of Christopher Columbus Essay

The Dark Truth of Christopher Columbus Essay

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Christopher Columbus was an Italian sailor and explorer who travelled across the Atlantic Ocean in 1942, in search of a quick route to India Spice trading, which was at the time the largest industry in the world. Columbus made a total of 4 trips between 1492 - 1504 Columbus throughout time has been revered to as a hero, and the reason that many of us are even settled on this land, but there are many dark truths that will be touched upon throughout this report.
Columbus starts his journey in August 1492, when he sets sail from Spain under the sponsorship of King Ferdinand II and Queen Isabella of Spain. His original plan was to simply find a new route to India, so he could further prosper from the booming spice trading industry. Columbus left Spain with three ships, The Pinta (Captained by Martin Alonzo Pinzon), the Nina (Vicente Yáñez Pinzon), and the Santa Maria (Columbus). The crew of around 90 left Palos, Spain on August 3rd, 1492, and reached shore on October 11th, 1492. Columbus had arrived on what he believed to be India, so he called the natives that were there “Indians”. Columbus and his crew actually landed on an Island called Guanahani, and once him and his crew took the land, they took the woman and made them slaves as they hunted for gold. By the end of the first set of trips, Columbus had wrecked two ships, one of which was headed back to land to try and beat Columbus. As time went on Columbus made 3 more trips which focused on obtaining gold, and Columbus settling new land and bringing Indian slaves back to Spain.

As far as it seems, Columbus was a very noble mariner, and was simply in search of a new route to India. The truth however is far from that, being he stole gold from colonies, raped, murdered and ...

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...opulation of Sarawak Indians was wiped out. By 1502, Columbus had every reason to fear for the security of his position. He had been charged with maladministration in the Indies.
In conclusion, this paper was not written to trash Columbus, it was not written to convince people he was a mass-murder, which he was. It was to simply inform, and state the facts. Whether or not he is a villain is something every single person has the right to decide for themselves. When it comes to killers in history, Columbus isn’t a man who stands up to other mass murders, but as a Mariner, he is one of the worst, when it comes to how he treated the Natives, he was a murderer, and a subtle one at that. Christopher Columbus was a great explorer, who changed the world. Christopher Columbus was a murder who took the lives of innocent people, and enslaved and murdered them.

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