Essay on Dark Social : Online Sharing

Essay on Dark Social : Online Sharing

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Dark Social: Online Sharing With Major Impact

What’s done in the dark must eventually come to light. It’s a quote that many are familiar with, which basically means be very careful of the secrets you keep, because eventually they’ll be exposed. Staying in the dark doesn’t exactly bring about a good outcome. However, in the age of technology, going dark can actually prove the exact opposite. Dark social is a major force in online sharing. Take your business to the next level with this marketing strategy.

What is Dark Social?

In simple terms, dark social is anything that is shared that cannot be tracked by web analytics. A social media platform like Facebook is wonderful because it can give you a wealth of information about your core audience, including demographic information and key interests. But dark social is the missing ingredient. These are the links that people are sharing in private messaging apps like WhatsApp or Snapchat, social media inboxes, or personal email. A friend my share with her friends a sale’s link to their favorite store. Or a guy might text his buddies about...

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