The Dark Side of Using Facebook Essay

The Dark Side of Using Facebook Essay

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Do we have a relationship? Facebook will tell us!
When my boyfriend and I started our relationship, we decided not to introduce Facebook into it. Both of us were concerned about the implications that it could potentially have in our lives, and we decided that our personal life and the way that we address our relationship was only our business. For that reason, we received many critics. In fact, many friends told us that we were hiding something that we didn´t want to share. Also, other people told us that we were insecure about our commitment with the relationship. At this point, setting aside the story, my concern was that since when people have to express and to show all their personal live on Facebook? Since when is the information that people share in their profiles matter of everybody. Nowadays it is really easy to find many stories about the use of Facebook and the impact that have in the romantic relationships. There are many cases in which people, who are not involve at all in a specific issue, have the opportunity of to emit a judgment and to hurt more the affected relationship. Thus, we are giving our privacy. All of us are exposed to misunderstandings or scandals that generates confusion, gossip, and rumors. My intention is not to demonize the use of Facebook. Actually, Facebook is a really helpful tool in order to be in touch with old friends. Besides, it is an easy way of communication with your family and it is an aiding tool for teachers. Professors have the opportunity of insert much fun in the academic environment.
Although many people will defend the use of Facebook, I will argue that Facebook can cause poor intimacy, can cause the potential for jealousy, and can create external interference between couples th...

... middle of paper ...

... I want to analyze how external elements have important roles in the natural development of friend and romantic relationships and how it has been affected.
This research will help me in my paper because it exemplifies how the uses of Facebook build their profile as the “imaginary and perfect” world of them, and how people use it with the objective of impress their social networking friends. On the other side, it is an excellent resource for argue that the time spend on Facebook rest time to the “face to face” time.
This will be helpful because in establish credibility in one of the main points that I want to develop in my paper. It is how Facebook is interfering and causing extra emotional and social difficulties in the romantic relationships.
Also, the participation of third parties damage the intimacy and can cause misunderstanding between them.

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