Essay on The Dark Side of Jeffrey Dahmer, a Gay Cannibal

Essay on The Dark Side of Jeffrey Dahmer, a Gay Cannibal

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The Dark Side of Jeffrey Dahmer, a Gay Cannibal

It’s been already 54 years since America met its ultimate cannibal, Dahmer. Why did he choose this path? Why didn’t he stop?
On May 21, 1960, a baby boy named Jeffery Dahmer was born in Milwaukee, to Lionel and Joyce Dahmer. Everything was going very well in the family. Baby Dahmer enjoyed toddler activities and playing a lot, by himself or with kids. He moved with his parents to the small town of Bath Township (near Akron), Ohio, at the age of seven years old. Dahmer’s father, a pharmacist, spent all his time working (probably to escape his wife). Both did not care much about the young Jeffrey. He played with “imaginary friends” and terrified his classmates by his strange behavior. Dahmer was an intelligent boy and a brilliant student, but he did not use all his “potential “. He dismissed education by being silly, and he was a loner and was acting strange .When Dahmer was about eight years old, “a strange fear began to sneak into his personality, fear of others combined with a general lack of confidence. He developed a reluctance to change, a need to feel the assurance of familiar places. The prospect of going to school frightened him. The boy who previously seemed so happy and sure of himself had been replaced by a different person, who was now very shy, distant, almost non- communicative. "Lionel, his father suspected that the move from Iowa to Ohio was the cause and the behavior of his son was a normal reaction to being uprooted from his familiar surroundings to settle in a totally different place. Lionel Dahmer, too, was shy, introverted and uncomfortable when he was a child, but he learned to overcome his problems. He thought his son would overcome his pr...

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...nd Jeffrey was left alone in the house in Bath. Dahmer Continued being a loner at Revere High School. He had average grades, worked on the school newspaper but he soon developed a bad drinking problem. His parents, possibly distracted from their own struggles, divorced when Dahmer was almost 18.
In June, 1978, Dahmer got his diploma from Revere High School. He was scheduled to begin studies at the Ohio State University in Columbus. But on the 18th of that month, Dahmer’s morbid experiments on animals changed into the murder of his first human victim, which was a young hitchhiker named Steven Hicks. Dahmer brought him home while his mother was absent, for “a drink, smoke a firecracker and laugh." But when Hicks tried to leave, Dahmer smashed his skull with a barbell and strangled him. Then he dragged the body into a space under the house, where it remained for a few

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