The Dark Side of Disney Essay

The Dark Side of Disney Essay

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When you first meet someone, what are the first things that you notice? Sex? Race? Or maybe the brands of clothing that indicate social status? Human beings as a society judge and categorize others, labeling those who stray from social norm as weird or strange. Who are we to make these judgments and where did these ideas of right and wrong come from? The Walt Disney Company plays an important role in depicting who and what people should and shouldn’t be. Every aspect of Disney, including movies, TV shows, and products, are supported by most of the world for entertainment and seemingly honest messages of innocence and magic. Beneath the image of innocence, Disney is also a media empire, a global conglomerate consisting of magazines, media production companies, television and radio networks, studios, cable TV systems, theme parks, and Internet sites – all of them motivated by the goal to maximize profits in an increasingly competitive business. Because this documentary is about Disney, its main audience is parents and people who are planning to have kids, but not only does it point out the issues with Disney to parents, but also to the Disney Corporation itself. Mickey Mouse Monopoly, a documentary released in 2002, examines Disney’s power to influence society and culture as it explores Disney’s depictions of race and gender in Disney movies, drawing on interviews with various individuals. Mickey Mouse Monopoly appeals to ethos and pathos to draw attention to Disney’s stronghold on public opinion, how Disney sensors negative publicity, and how Disney aids in the gender socialization of our youth and paints a vivid picture of our society’s concepts of race, class, and sexual orientation.
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... and form their own unbiased opinions, accepting or rejecting the documentary. Henry Giroux is a major part of this documentary as he is a media expert and author. Because he experienced Disney’s control and shares his experiences to expose how Disney influences public opinion and censors negative publicity, he strengthens the film’s credibility. The documentary also appeals to the emotions in the audience as it touches on feminism and masculinism and how Disney influences the socialization of children. Mickey Mouse Monopoly brings these issues to light and informs people that things need to change. This film makes it easy to get the information out there, and through knowledge, change is possible.

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