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The Dark Side Of Dark Grey Sky Essays

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The world we live in today creates the possibility of defining ourselves almost obsolete. Left and right of everywhere we look portrays the ideas of hatred and despair. Therefore, painting the theories of that is the way to live in the heads of everyone. Dark grey skies appear amongst us showing the idea that there is no light in the midst of a dark tunnel. The question asking, “What is a Christian?” or “Who is God?” often come up amongst these troubled times. Reflecting on this automatically produces a ray of light upon the darkened world around us. The reassurance of knowing that there is a greater good outside of the shadows of hate that surrounds the world is a thought that no one should ever experience on their own.
Being a Christian has the effects similar to a roller coaster, but the ending is greater than no other. Reading and hearing the Word of God sends chills down the spine. When the soft words speak the sense of assurance wraps around your thoughts. Similar to the season of Spring, being a child of God resembles the purity and youth of life. A Christian lives through the Word and goes to tell the wonderful stories to others. In John 4:16, Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the light. No one comes to the Father except through me.” Guided by this statement, Christians parallel this by being the light and way to Jesus through others. The countless testimonies told express the love and gratitude for Jesus Christ, showing others that experience of life is not solo. The road of life simulates a path of the good and bad times, whether the point is at its highest or lowest, God is there for you. Though the tribulations associated with being a Christian appear as a heavy burden, when you give it up to God, the weight...

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.... A Christian does not mean that life is perfect and that going to church every Sunday makes a person one. In reality, attendance at church, but not grasping to the message being told serves no purpose at all. The confusion and contradiction of various definitions of what a Christian is one way the Word of God is dying along with the world around us.
While there are many negative thoughts associated with the Word of God, His word is truly the greater good of the world. Without the guidance of His word, more lost souls would be wandering the Earth trying to find their identity. God gives us the reassurance to be ourselves and that everything we go through is for a higher purpose than we can imagine. Being a Christian is the best thing that a person can do in their life by accepting God into their hearts. Once the Lord is a part of your life, it will never be the same.

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