The Dark Side Of Blood Essay

The Dark Side Of Blood Essay

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Blood. The sticky red substance was smeared all over my ivory hands; it stained the silky white dress that I wore, even the white roses had droplets of the color rolling down their petals. Only the moonlight cast a glow over the garden, I could barely see more than two feet in front of me but from the corner of my eye I could see him, his body hanging from the tree. His mop of black hair covered his face, the skin around his neck was already purple, and his wrist were slit; the blood dripped from the open flesh. I turned away; the sight was too horrid.
Then I heard someone call my name but there wasn’t anyone else here, just the dead boy and me, but then I heard it again. The faint whisper of my name. Where was it coming from? My eyes darted around the garden but still I saw no one. The voice grew louder, no longer was it a whisper; the voice boomed in my ears as if they were right behind me. I swiveled on my heel to meet what was calling me, but all I saw was the body. His head was no longer slumped forwards and his lips were moving; forming my name over and over again, his voice growing louder each second. I found myself screaming for it to stop.

My eyes snapped open; I couldn’t see much in the dimness. Only two shafts of light made through the thick cotton curtain that separated me from the ocean, even the light was gray. It must have turned overcast during the night.
“Cas? You awake?”
I turned onto my side and saw Christen standing over me. He was already dressed for the day in his black breeches and an off white button up collared shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. His emerald green eyes sparkled even in the little light.
“Earth to Cas. You in there” He said knocking lightl...

... middle of paper ...

... open. Stellan grabbed my arm and tugged me into the room.
My family sat around a round table all four set of eyes was glued on me. It was unusually quiet like they were all waiting for me to say something, but they were the ones to call me here…
Griffin was the first to break the silence, “Cas I think you should sit down.” I didn’t question it; I took a seat between my father and Griffin. The room was unsettling, even the air seemed intense. Whatever I was called here for it wasn’t good.
My dad cleared his throat beside me, “Cas, we are here to discuss what your brother saw compared to your visions because darling… well you see, you were…”
“You were dead!” Griffin said cutting off our dad.
“Dead?” Was I hearing him right, he saw me dead? Everything I’ve ever feared came rushing into like a tsunami. My legs buckled, my palms were sweating and the room grew dark.

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