Essay on The Dark Side Of Black Mist

Essay on The Dark Side Of Black Mist

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Black mist wrapped its self around me, causing my exposed skin to tingle. I should be scared I should be trying to run away but the smell that came with the mist was far to inviting. It was the sent of a man that could be my other half. The mist was almost completely around me when I caught the scent of death. That smell brought me back to the danger I faced. I started to fight to get away but arms had grown out of the mist and now held me against a well muscled chest. I could feel his breath on my ear as he leaned down to wisper.

"I am so close to finding you my sweet its only a matter of time now."

Something in the way he said it sent an unpleasant chill down my spine.

I screamed lashing out with all my strength only to find myself covered in sweat and in my bed. The cool night time air blew into my open balcony door. Getting out of bed I go and close the door there was no way I could sleep now.I could still feel his arms on me they felt good but part of me was terrified about the contact. "It was just a dream." I mumbled to my self. I walk into my bathroom turning on the light and set about Turing the shower on to the perfect temperature . I hated when my dreams were so vivid I could feel them i stepped into the shower allowing the hot water to wash away the lingering feeling of the arms that had been wrapped around me. Grabbing my lavender infused body wash I scrubbed up and got out. Towel drying my hair I walked from the bathroom to my closet. The one good thing about being up this early was that I would be able to get breakfast at the diner I could also take my time as I had no business to attend to this morning . After dressing in a simple white bra and pantie set I pulled on my favorite pair of jeans. I then put o...

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...ickly put my clothes on. "What dose he want?" I asked putting my hair up into a wet messy bun.

"I was not informed of why he wanted you just that he wanted you. I do not question the alphas orders. "

I smiled at him in truth we were close friends but when he was working it was all business. He was a handsome man light hair light eyes tall and lean. His father was my fathers beta meaning when we were younger we spent a lot of time together now it seamed it was his job to be my personal body guard. One day he would be the beta and his job list would be a lot bigger.
Walking up to him I wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him a quick kiss his arms wrap around my waist pulling me in for another one. He had lost his control like I knew he would.
"I thought you said my father wanted to see me?" I teased. The look on his face was priceless "you did that on purpose"

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