The Dark Night - Original Writing Essay

The Dark Night - Original Writing Essay

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The Dark Night
I was always taught to stick up for myself, to never let anyone walk over me; and if they did I was expected to handle it. I guess you could call me ‘sassy and southern’, as my daddy always joked too me. My parents raised me to watch my surroundings and too always be cautious; but one night I wasn’t able to use what I have been taught since I was little. One summer night I will never forget and I’m thankful to be alive.
I moved to Mount Holly in the early summer of this year to help out with my grandma and my family that lives here, but charlotte has always been my home. One hot summer night in august, I went to visit my friends in charlotte with my boyfriend of five years. We don’t get to see our friends much since we both live about 45 minutes away from them, so we were ecstatic when they invited us there for a bonfire, and we were actually off work and could go! Our luck quickly turned around that night for the worst.
We pulled up at my friend’s house in charlotte around 9pm that night. We drove my boyfriend’s Camaro because it’s way more fun to drive than my run down old Honda (and way faster!). As soon as we got there we went straight to the back yard and started the fire with everyone, and caught up on everybody’s crazy life. We didn’t notice my friends dog barking (he barks at everything), but boy do I wish I would have listened to his barking that night.
Time quickly went by and by around 12 we were ready to head back to our houses. Walking out to my boyfriend’s car we saw a man dressed in all black in his car doing something. Robert (my boyfriend), yelled “Hey! What are you doing!” very loudly. The man turned around quickly and we saw that he had a gun; not pointed towards us, but he definitely ...

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...ppiness for getting my things back, but more so happiness for being alive. The officer said I was lucky because this man had a motive and it wasn’t just stealing people’s items, he was a very mean man. Come to find out, the boy is younger than I am and facing a lot of time in jail.
This is one life experience I will never forget. It was far from a nice vacation or a happy memory for sure, but it’s also one I will carry with me forever, and I will always remember one thing: to watch my surroundings, and to treat others the way I want to be treated. Maybe if the man that stole my things had followed these simple rules he would be better off today, but all I can do is pray that he finds peace in his heart and that he never does something like that to anyone again. I feel more blessed than ever, and as strange as it sounds, I am very thankful for this life experience.

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