The Dark Money Groups And Super Pacs Essay

The Dark Money Groups And Super Pacs Essay

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Ever think about being a state senator or even president? Turns out, now a days one of the only things you need in order to achieve that goal is copious amounts of backdoor political funding. Money donated by undisclosed, non-profit organizations, more commonly referred to as ‘dark money,’ has played a large role in recent political elections, and at times even shaped their outcomes. The plain abuse of power and money in today’s politics needs to be stopped before the only thing deciding whether a candidate wins or loses is the amount of money used to fund their campaign.
The term dark money refers to donations made to political campaigns with the intention of influencing voters’ decisions. The difference between dark money groups and Super PACs is that dark money groups are not legally bound to disclose the origins of their donation, whereas Super PACs are required to disclose their donors (Yeager, 2016). Super PACs can be funded by dark money organizations and individual donors, if they register as political nonprofits. Normally with any donation that exceeds $200 the donor is disclosed. So, how do dark money groups get away without specifying their donors? They register as nonprofit, social welfare organizations with the IRS under the internal revenue code 501 (c) (4). Being a social welfare organization you are required to exclusively spend money on promoting social welfare (IRS, 2016). This being said any amount of money less than half can be used to aid or hinder political campaigns through the use of media ads, but these mega-rich dark money groups want to put one-hundred percent of their money towards shaping elections, so they found a loophole. The remainder of their money is spent on issue advocacy ads, which touch ...

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...aign this election cycle (Levinthal, 2016). This switch between parties goes to show you just how far these dark money groups will go in order to have the America that caters to their needs, even though they know the majority of Americans will not benefit, and in some cases suffer because of it.
Recently money and politics have gone hand in hand but that’s not how it should be. We Americans have gotten so used to politicians with money being able to manipulate the system that it seems normal to us, almost like how the animals in Animal Farm hardly noticed their rights being stripped away until they had none left. The IRS needs to have laws put in place that bar dark money groups from getting away with their plain and utter abuse of our political system. The American people need to fight back against these groups and quite literally give them a run for their money.

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