The Dark Knight : Utilitarianism Or Deontology? Essay

The Dark Knight : Utilitarianism Or Deontology? Essay

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The Dark Knight: Utilitarianism or Deontology?
Both Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill, had thoughts of the Principle of Utility and what it should be like. Bentham believes that the Principle of Utility depends on pain and pleasure and Mill believes that the Principle of Utility depends on higher pleasures and lower pleasures. Pain meaning evil and pleasure meaning good or greater benefits and higher pleasures meaning that action was good which would lead to a higher level of happiness and lower pleasures meaning bad which would lead to a decreasing level of happiness. Therefore, a normative ethical theory that has come through from this and it is Utilitarianism. The definition of Utilitarianism is a course of action that maximizes the total benefits and greatest amount of happiness to the greatest amount of people and reducing the suffering and negatives (228).
Another normative ethical theory that has come into play is Deontology. Deontology in Immanuel Kant’s point of view is all about duty and not inclination of morality. For example, the First Proposition of Morality is an action that must be done from duty to have moral worth (298). In other words, if one were feeling generous and wanted to give money to the ones who really need it, this technically would not be moral worthy according to Kant. The reason why for this is because that person did not do it out of duty but instead out of free will. For one’s action to have moral worth, it could be an example of one going to work everyday. Everyone has their own specific job to do at work and that is their duty. All in all, Kant views that deontology must come from an action of duty in order for it to be moral worthy and it is not the consequences that determines what is rig...

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...ld be more safe to the people. This would cause great benefits and happiness and would decrease pain and suffering. A Deontological hero because it his duty to protect the people of Gotham and by using this sonar system he is fulfilling these duties which would be morally worthy.
After this movie, the results were much different than what was expected. Which was, the Dark Knight, also known as Batman is a Utilitarian hero. Based on these three scenes from the movie, Batman is considered a Utilitarian hero and a Deontological hero. Also, from these three scenes, it would be aware that Batman is more of a Deontological hero rather than a Utilitarian hero inside this mixture. Overall, this movie proved that this thesis statement is incorrect which then caused surprising results when Batman was actually proven to be a mixture of both of the normative ethical theories.

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