Essay on The Dark Knight

Essay on The Dark Knight

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I was dressed as a dark knight or rather, what the Knights of the Blooming Orchid thought a dark knight female would dress. My armor was a metallic black with foreign designs inlaid on it. It was strapless, covering my chest, but emphasizing what little cleavage I possessed. The armor continued down to my hips and stopped. The metal was custom-made, only fitting, as well as showing off, the curves of my body. My boots were made of soft, sturdy leather dyed black to match the night. The boots went up to my thighs leaving about a foot of white skin between it and the armor. It felt as if I was preparing to go to work at the local prostitute center where my fellow knights liked to go. I defiantly was not dress for battle. It did not help the fact my eyes were thickly outlined in black charcoal, highlighting my already dark eyes. My hair was pulled off my face and was tightly braided to show off my face.
I shook my head, trying to disregard my slutty appearance. I had the much bigger dilemma on my hands of finding the Deadly Six. In addition, I had to worry about what I would do and say if I managed to find the group. I could just see myself saying something stupid like, “Can I please join you so I can betray you later?” The foes would get a big kick out of that and probably laugh as they shoved my detached head onto a stick. I could not help but to shudder at the thought.
I began my search for the clan around the area where their last known attack was. It was a village, or at least at one point in history it was a village. All that remained of the community was its ashes and a charred sign designating the barren sight as “Thanderville”. There was no signs of life left anywhere. Death was clear in the air, causi...

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...ttention to go back to the one eyed person. Something almost like amusement flashed across his face, but it was gone before I could interpret the meaning behind the flicker of change. His large hand moved from my hair to the back of my neck and clasped down hard, causing my knees to buck under the pressure.
“So, you are seeking the Deadly Six,” the attacker said slyly as if he thought he had more information than I will ever possess. The knowledge in his voice gave my stomach an uneasy feeling. I tried to keep the fear in my gut by biting my lip in order to keep the feeling from spreading into my eyes. “I know where to find them. Come. Follow me.” Not waiting to see if I would come with him on my own free will, he pushed me roughly forward. His callused hands burned into the back of neck, just as an iron slave collar would do to the flesh in the sun.

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