Essay about The Dark Knight Movies versus Batman Movies

Essay about The Dark Knight Movies versus Batman Movies

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Christmas time was right around the corner, and sweet, little Brick was making his Christmas list. Among the many big and little items on his list, one item in particular was circled. Batman movies. Ever since Brick could walk he had loved Batman. He had a whole collection of Batman toys: the batcave, the batmobile, Joker, Mr. Freeze, Robin, Alfred, and many more toys. Every year for Halloween Brick chose to be what? Of course, the one and only, Batman. Somehow he managed to never see a single Batman movie though. As Brick’s mom looked over his list, she came to the circled item. She was unfamiliar with the Batman movies so she got on to google and googled it. She learned that there were two Batman series’. First Batman series consisted of four movies, three different Batman actors, two different directors, and took place from 1989-1997. Second Batman series was the Dark Knight trilogy. It was a bit more relevant, being made 2005-2012. Obviously consisted of three movies, this trilogy only consisted of one director and one Batman actor. After a little more research Brick’s mom made her decision on which series to buy. Because of The Dark Knight Trilogy’s director and plots, it is better than the other Batman movies.
The director of the Dark Knight trilogy and the directors of the early Batman series differ immensely. Joel Schumacher and Tim Burton were the directors of the early Batman series. Tim Burton directed the first two Batman movies, “Batman” and “Batman Returns”. Burton is widely famous for Gothic style of cinema and his work of “Edward Scissorhands” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. Burton has been nominated for two Academy Awards. Both for Best Animated Feature of the Year. One for “Frankenweenie”, the other for “Co...

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... steps to see if Santa had brought him anything this year. Sure enough, Brick’s Christmas tree was hardly visible because of the massive stack of presents next to it. Brick immediately started tearing into his presents. He liked everything he got, but his parents could tell he was looking for something in particular. It came down to his last present. It was a medium thin rectangular box. Brick started ripping off the wrapping paper and his eyes lit up. It was what he had wanted so badly this year. It was It was the Dark Knight trilogy. He immediately popped the first movie into the DVD player and spent his whole day watching those movies. Even as a young boy, he was blown away by the intricate plots of each movie and could tell how great the direction by the director. Because of The Dark Knight Trilogy’s director and plots, it is better than the other Batman movies.

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