The Dark History Of Medical Experimentation On Black Americans From Colonial Times

The Dark History Of Medical Experimentation On Black Americans From Colonial Times

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In Medical Apartheid The Dark History Of Medical Experimentation On Black Americans From Colonial Times To The Present Washington present an argument supporting scientific racism by doctors lead to“behavioral fallout that cause researcher and African Americans to view each other through jaundiced eyes”(Washington 2006) and that the “culture of American medicine has mirrored the larger culture”(Washington 2006). The Doctors used experimentations on people of color and the used their finding to justified and perpetuated the inequalities that existed during slavery. The Framework used to present this idea is scientific racism. Scientific racism isthe use of scientific techniques and hypothesis to support believe in racism and racial inferiority or superiority. The doctors explain that blacks have been “submissive knee-benders”(Washington 2006) and they were immune to the harsh conditions of the southern American climates. Doctors use whatever reasons he wanted to justify the black 's position. They even went far enough to put the biblical depictions in their explanations.
Even to present day the there is still a bias among doctors when it comes to treating and diagnosing of black people.The things that kill black the most are preventable and curable Washington says“that blacks are not dying of exotic, incurable, poorly understood illness nor from a genetic disease that target them only but rather from common ailments that are more often prevented and treated among whites than among blacks”(Washington 2006). The most experiment that show how true this statement is the Tuskegee syphilis experiment sponsored by the government of the United States. In this famous experiment, black was infected with the bacteria that causes syphilis.This ...

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...tific racism.
From this plethora of evidence, I can see how iatrophobia is possible among the black community. The author viewpoint is that scientific racism caused blacks to have iatrophobia. She refers to the medical communities also being affected by the structure of the larger
society so these experiments are not seen as heinous or inhumane. This Information is all revealed in the introduction. The author tells this from a moral standpoint. The social construct determines if a particular event is seen as good or bad. Experiment back then on people were seen as okay but if they were performed on they would be extremely tabooed. The government even participated in human experiments to show how okay it was back then. In Conclusion, I am convinced that these bias among the scientific community is what caused black people to still be afraid of the doctors to this day.

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