Essay The Dark Bright Past By F. Scott Fitzgerald

Essay The Dark Bright Past By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The Dark Bright Past
The past and future to people are the most frightening thing. The past is what makes your future, or helps you fix your future and make it better. People sometimes stay in their past because they are too scared of the future and what their future is going to be like. The past is usually when all the good things happened to people, so they try and stay in the past but the point of the past is to have a plan for the future, and plan that will make your life better. The novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald and the film Chicago directed by Rob Marshall takes place in the 1920s and shows us how different we see life now, then how people saw life back then. In the novel The Great Gatsby, Gatsby wants to forget his past except for the fact that he still loves daisy, While Gatsby longs to re-create his past romance with Daisy and build a new future together. He tries to hide his past with non credible facts about his past in order to help his future become more successful. The Film Chicago which is very similar to The Great Gatsby because Roxie, has a bad past that puts her in a bad position, That finally put her on the new paper. Roxie only cares about fame and money and attempts to break free from her marriage to build a future for herself.
In The Great Gatsby, the weather tells Gatsby’s story. For example, the rain is a way to refer to Gatsby 's past, which is both good and bad for him. Whenever it rains, it 's usually when Gatsby is trying to bring up his past. His past was something that he doesn 't want to forget because he was with a girl he loved which was Daisy. Gatsby left to the army and that day was when everything ended between Gatsby and Daisy. Gatsby still tries to get back with Dais...

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...Daisy and is attempting to recapture love from the past. Gatsby hides the poverty of his past and attempts to hide illegal activities through which he has crafted his future. Roxie has always wanted to be famous and because of her murderous action, she was finally on the front of the new paper. She does all she can do for her future including lying, to become famous and gain all the attention of the people and community. The concept of the 1920s is everyone for themselves, you can 't trust anyone because everyone is trying to do things for themselves only. They don 't care for other people and they will gain your trust and use you to make things happen. The 1920s was seen in a totally different way than it is now, in the 1920s people would lie to get what they want and also to hide their dark past and make themselves look better rather than just telling the truth.

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