Dar Williams Reminisces About Childhood in Song, When I Was a Boy Essay

Dar Williams Reminisces About Childhood in Song, When I Was a Boy Essay

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"When I was a boy" Dar Williams
1. What is your interpretation of this song?
The song "When I was a Boy" by Dar Williams is her reminiscing about when she was a young child. She remembers all the things she did, and remembers how she always acted as more of a boy, than the "traditional" girl. She was always told that she needed protection from a man, or that she needed to act "proper", but she didn’t listen. She did what she wanted to, and didn’t worry about what other people thought. Then she grew up and missed those things. She feels the pressure to conform to the way that society says a girl should be. At the end of the song she is talking to a man, who is portrayed as either her boyfriend or husband, and he tells her that he went through the same thing that she did growing up.
2. Identify at least three agents of socialization in the song (chapter 3). How do the agent of socialization influence the narrator?
Generalized other is a term by George Herbert Mead for society's conscience. His theory is that by children taking on the roles of other people, they learn society's ...

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